Hannah Rummery

Primark Madrid

The concept was to be a store of discovery, an urban sanctuary in the heart of Madrid with a hint of Bohemia. I was the Senior Graphic Designer working on this from concept to completion across 18 months, developing a clear story across all communications for the whole store.

The centre piece of the store took the form of an octagonal atrium allowing a view up to the apex of the building. Together with the digital designers at Dalziel and Pow, and some talented technical AV suppliers we delivered a concept shoot to use 11 transparent LED screens positioned in alternate openings around the atrium. This allowed for a digital story telling piece that acted as immersive brand communication, navigation and fashion led stories.

Through collaborations with local artists based in Madrid, a number of key areas across the customer journey received installations and artworks to create theatre throughout the space - the origami artwork produced by Nuria Mora was installed as a backdrop to a cash desk on floors 1 and 2, Sergio Jiminez designed a range of typography column message, Gabriel Moreno designed a beautiful flowing artwork throughout the escalator area, Spidertag produced a string and street art them for the third floor mens cash desk. On the 4th floor, Ana Solar produced a soft colourful ball display while Toya Garcia Senra painted a series of abstract paintings for the column. All artists were sourced, interviewed, and managed by myself and the team at Dalziel and Pow, ensuring it was in line with the concept and on time completion in store.

Produced while at Dalziel and Pow - image credit Dalziel and Pow